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Art Prints

Art prints are now available

Art prints have been a good intention for years now and finally this project is happening. To begin with, I’m starting with online shops on Society 6.

In Cape Town, these art prints will all be made available in Cape Town as soon as I can find some time. If you’re in South Africa, please do contact me and I’ll supply prices and organise something for you directly.

First to be uploaded is ‘Mitsuko’, in six colour-ways and designs.

Mitsuko and her ‘sisters’ were originally nine separate pencil portraits forming a composite portrait with a ‘Maiden, Mother, Crone’ theme.

Some were fortunately scanned at a high resolution at the time in A4 size (29.7cm x 21 cm or 8.27″ × 11.69″). I submitted the CD to the publishers of Art and Artists in South Africa for my entry, and then neglected to retrieve the CD for about 16 years. With their new edition coming out last year, these lost pictures were thankfully found and I used them all in the new edition, instead of just one, as I’d done previously.

The difference this time round is a a new digitising method which gives them the extra dimension of colour. To my mind, they’ve become way more interesting and more contemporary, even though a pencil drawing is always timeless and a Wonderful Thing. Also for art prints, you can do more with colour.

The next series of art prints is the Margriet series, with ten variations.


Finally: a series of six art prints featuring Mary, the mother of Jesus.
More art prints coming soon: male nudes

There is also a series of male nudes to be produced soon. More about them later, but here’s a preview of all the art prints, from Art and Artists South Africa.