This is becoming a talking point…

body break

‘Body Break’ done for Poema. More info on this project soon!

Thought I’d share this here as well, because it’s interesting, this new take on inter-generational studios now coming up for attention as a new thing.

Have a read.

And then, by the usual type of amazing coincidence that tends to constantly appear, this also arrived in my inbox.

Nice. I’m liking this.

Also strange is the third coincidence. Over this past weekend, I’ve been in a wealth-management course. We were invited to form several pairs of teams and play a game against our opposing group, imitating the stock exchange. One young lady in our team who must have been in her twenties, but looked about fourteen, suggested a certain strategy: to have a discussion with the other team and collaborate to fix the result to earn more. I overrode it, thinking to myself… ‘Nobody this young could possibly come up with something useful.’ I did. I really did think that. Not knowing anything about her, her background, education… the game went on, and it turned out that if we’d followed her strategy, i.e. collaborating with the other team instead of competing with them, we would all have gained.

So there was I, who often think older people are written off because of their age, doing exactly that because someone was ‘too young’.

The game was set up to prove that collaboration always wins over competition. It’s doubly ironic because I often refer potential clients to another illustrator if I can’t help. Weird, huh? Looking back though, there is an easy explanation. I was treating it as a game, not related to work. And yet – what you do in the micro you do in the macro.

Food for thought.