Classroom materials

Birthday month cards 

Am excited about my latest project to go to print, i.e classroom teaching materials for very young learners, commissioned by Early Childhood Development.  

The favourite part for me was the birthday months, in which South African wild creatures cavort and celebrate any birthdays occurring in the classroom during that month.

There are also the Seasons and the Weather charts, which were fun. Meanwhile, here are the birthday months. Click on any image to view the slideshow.

There is more to the Birthday month cards…

These cards form part of the Birthday Charts, along with birthday cakes to denote the child’s age on their special day. Little pieces of paper are placed over the birthday month cards to carry the names of the children born during that month. (see below) 

On the child’s birthday, their name is put into the chart and they are the star for the day.

Illustration: Birthday chart, classroom materials, early childhood development

It’s a great system because the candles on the cakes teach the kids to count, and the colours of the cards describe the cold. warm, hot and cool seasons. The leaves in the top right-hand corner show specific seasons, e.g. early summer, mid-summer, late summer. In the Southern Hemisphere, that is.

The charts are supplied in either English, Afrikaans or Xhosa. Pictured is the Xhosa card.

Below are the birthday cakes!