Dave Britzius’s GUI redo

We all need a site-lift now and again.

From time to time I work with clients who need their own designs translated into websites.

 Sometimes it’s the other way round: I do the GUI and the client is more than capable of doing the back-end. Such a person is Dave Britzius, a multi-faceted man who does web-design and supplies high-end computers to… well, other people like himself, basically.

Here are the before and after pics:

Previous site for davebritzius.com

Dave's new site

I, for one, will often be visiting this site to read up on technical and computer-related matters I wouldn’t otherwise know about.

Having bought my last two computers from him and had lots of help many times, I can recommend Dave whole-heartedly to anyone needing something more than a run-of-the-mill computer. 

2021 site-lift update:

Dave has since redesigned his website several times using Wordpress themes, to more modern standards. So the little icons fell by the wayside some time ago. I will be filing these away under ‘icons’ though.

The logo and caricature had happened some time before.

When he started building aircraft simulators, the little character became a pilot:

Animated gif featuring David Britzius' new persona as a builder of flight simulators

And now Dave has morphed yet again into a 3D graphics illustrator!