Huis Jabes

Huis Jabes: a sanctuary for survivors of abuse.

Click on the image to see the inspiring story of how Huis Jabes came to be the force for good it is today.

Adin Ryneveldt went to Huis Jabes in Brackenfell to video the various people making up the team.

I tagged along to volunteer to do their website and wanted to get a feel for the personality of the place. We discovered great passion behind the work. 

At the end of our time filming these inspiring women, Adin wondered how he was going to get his little movies edited. Since I’d edited an animation a year or so ago, I ended up doing that instead.

And after many struggles to get music donated, finally I found who cheerfully took 24 hours to give the nod to three pieces of music. Thank you, Moby!

Do go and check it out on

It’s 6 minutes 30 seconds long. The narrative is in Afrikaans, with English subtitles.

Huis Jabes is a bright light in a sometimes rather dark world.