Little Wingsters

The Little Wingsters is a TV series in development.

Aimed mainly at kids 6-8 years old and consisting of 26 x 11min episodes, Little Wingsters honours the tiny members of the angelic realm who deliver information, joy and comfort to children everywhere.

They may occasionally borrow items to wake a child up to the beauty of lost things. But if asked nicely, they help in the recovery of such items. This is especially so, once the ‘victim’ has also found other lost things. Those things they often needed even more…

Pictures of the Winged Ones and their loot will soon adorn clothing, bed-linen, mugs, badges and a colouring book. All of these are moving from ether to brain to production at a steady pace. So far, the calendar will have to be a quarterly one. That’s because the monthly version must wait till 12 staff members have been hatched, then paused long enough for a mug-shot. They move quite a bit faster than bantam chickens.

Here’s a pic of my booth at the Ottawa International Animation Festival in September 2017. You can see who my favourites are! (Shhh)

Below is the pic from the festival for 2018. Little Wingsters are still taking up more real estate! But actually, there is a bit of planning here. Their banner will be displayed wherever the merch appears. One has to think ahead.)

OIAF 2018 booth

So – more news on that here, and soon. An online shop is in progress too, of course. And when it’s up and running, the news will be here and on Facebook. Do visit their Facebook page as well, and join us if you like – would love to welcome you.

View more on the Little Wingsters on this site.

Meanwhile, I’m adapting the first book from the pilot episode of the series, which stars Coco, the little healer whose gifts are love and joy. After that is done, there will be three other books, each with a story starring one of the angels. And seeing I’m getting back in gear here with updates, you will see it here first.