Welcome to a new style: ‘Grobby’

Inspired by Kristofer Strom’s videos and art, I developed a new style which has very little to do with either, but watching his animations somehow freed me up to do something new. Working through a bunch of pictures and often illustrating a situation like this one for the third or fourth time, one scrambles to come up with something new to maintain the interest of the end-users and also one’s own interest level.

Boredom so quickly shows in a picture, and that is fatal. So – thanks Kristofer, and all the hundreds of artworks that inspired me to come up with this one; I am going to thoroughly enjoy this. Back in the 80’s I was exposed to international comic art, much of it very avant-garde, from New York artists who were as obscure as they were talented. I remember saying, ‘I’m sorry, I can’t draw as ugly as that.’ Just didn’t understand at all…

More recently, I got a glimmer of what they were about when I worked on the children’s drawings for ‘My Children’s Act’ – there was a charm there I just couldn’t replicate… probably never will. But I can try. I do know the Grobby style will bring much fun to my work and I hope will be enjoyed by others.