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APPRECIATION, Testimonials a.k.a. – the emotional life-blood of any creative person.

As much as criticism keeps me going that little bit further,  praise keeps me going when the work gets tough. The magical thing about my clients is that we collaborate on projects and they add so much to the process. 


CEO in suit

Male executive, line drawing for whiteboard animation

‘Working with you was a pleasure from start to finish – you were obliging, meticulous and 100% engaged: great job with unparalleled turnaround time!

For delivering the goods – my highest recommendation! Thank you.’ 
Cathy Kadish, freelance copy editor

Testimonial illustration - work done for Sally: boy and shopkeeper
Boy and shopkeeper

‘Your love for humanity shows in every stroke.’
Sally Ellis (Shuter & Shooter Publishers)

Testimonial illustration: Louise van Graan, Centrepeace
Patterns and learned behaviour: our mental filters

‘You are the only person I know who could have done this work.

‘I loved page 8 so much, I wanted to take it to bed with me!’
Louise Slabbert (Centrepeace)

Testimonial illustration Kate Beaumont, C U P
Classroom chaos: Gr 10, English.

‘I luuurve your style of artwork, and it’s just perfect for this series of English FAL books. I really think the kids relate to it. And I’m sure that your illustrations complementing the text have played a significant part in the Grades 10 and 11 books being recommended by the Department of Basic Education. I’m confident that G12 will be a hit as well.

I’ve really enjoyed working together again, and who knows what the future holds! If I end up doing more educational books/commissioning over here, then I’ll certainly try to introduce you to the UK market.’
Kate Beaumont (Cambridge Univ Press)

Testimonial illustration for Tanja Truscott, C U P
Shopping ABC: this illustration was for U – X.

‘Nobody else could have done this job – you were the only one who came to mind.’
Tanja Truscott (Cambridge University Press)

Testimonial illustration for Babs Zulu, Shuters
Matric results!

‘It’s been such a pleasure working with you and it’s been so fun because you’re an awesome individual!

We’ll definitely be popping into each other’s inboxes from time to time, and also definitely will continue to work together on other projects. Hopefully those future projects won’t include late night artwork binges!’
Babongile Zulu, (Shuter & Shooter Publishers)