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Coco introduces us to Winghaven and the other three Little Wingsters.  The story begins with her hatching from her cocoon on the Slynaps Tree, as fully grown as she’ll ever be.

With all the innocence of a very young child, Coco tends to laugh at inappropriate moments, and point out embarrassing facts. It’s probably just as well that the children can’t hear her. (Usually.) Coco has the beginner’s mind, is a healer and joy-bringer, a keen observer who cannot help laughing at the wrong time – she’s a raucous gigglebutton who finds the oddest things funny at the worst times.

Coco brings joy and healing wherever she goes, simply by pointing out what is good about the situation. She’s a bit of a Pollyanna and can get a bit annoying but her compadres can’t be cross with her for long.

Laughter is her hallmark and Coco is much louder than she looks. She’s an outgoing bundle of mirth who finds the oddest things funny. Still, she WILL find the bright side, always.

Relentlessly pursuing freedom and happiness, Coco usually has a serious fear of missing out. This freedom-loving hedonist keeps going by eating too much when she’s tired, because she doesn’t sleep enough for fear of missing out on something exciting. All too often, she can be found napping in odd places, her location betrayed by her giggles as she sleeps.