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punki  ::  inga  ::  coco  ::  xuki

Punki is hyper-creative, bringing ideas and inspiration, but he can become impatient and inadvertently rude, a real bull in a china shop, not understanding why others can’t come up with creative solutions. It’s so easy!

He is innocently amoral – not knowing the code by which Earth or its angels live, because he’s from another planet. Very much a diamond in the rough, he makes up his own rules as he goes. He tries to remember Moya’s rules, but it’s hard to remember every little detail… every single time… for every little situation…

His blue skin and three-fingered hands emphasise the fact that he’s different – he tries to fit in, gives up, tries again… Then he settles for being Unique, but becomes a comical jigsaw of aspects he admires in others, although in general, he follows his own drum.

He’s all about using what you have to get what you want.  Because there’s ALWAYS a way.