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Expert at all things logical, Xuki wants to be ‘the one who knows’, to understand everything, to have it all worked out and be prepared for anything, so the others will finally know that he’s ‘the most important angel’. With the most useful skills. The other angels remind him quite often that there are other useful skills in the world but he’s not that easily persuaded. He’s every Education Department’s dream.

Intensely devoted to mathematics, science and all things tech, Xuki happily loses himself in the mysteries of his favourite things. These can distract him from going off and dealing with children’s problems, since those are ‘easy’.

Like the Ancient Greeks, Xuki craves perfection in everything he tries. Sometimes he comes pretty close, as with the mathematical equations he makes visible, so as to send them off into space to delight and puzzle whoever may spot them there.

Behind his self-effacing ways and shy nature is a grim pride in knowing far more than the other Little Wingsters. If only they would realise it…

Now and again he forgets himself and lets rip, having fun in spite of himself. Then he becomes really useful to the others as a strategic genius, especially with serious ‘interhouse’ battles, competing with Little Wingsters from other planets (later!).

Apart from making his mathematical space sculptures, he enjoys riding Peg, his home-made flying horse, to get away from it all, including himself.

Maybe the others will help him not to take himself so seriously, to make some space in his busy brain for fun and friends and just chill a little. Then perhaps that small smile that rarely sneaks out, will slide across his face more often as the series goes on.

His motto to live by: ‘It is as it is.’