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More Clients, More Cashflow

More Clients, More Cashflow

James Molfetas is well known as the ‘marketing accountant’ and is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

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James is the author of three books on marketing, but wanted to broaden his marketing reach. He needed an explainer video to explain in an engaging way, how to find more clients, resulting in more cash flow.

To do this, he needed a concept to communicate his online sales funnels course, to enable professionals to get more clients. The course is for all kinds of entrepreneurs offering a service.

He had a basic dialogue incorporating everything that needed to be said. My concept and subsequent script featured a radio announcer interviewing him, with frequent cutaways to his potential clients listening to the show and alluding to their unique and very valid problems around marketing. An existing client, Julie, also hears the show and persuades her colleague, Joe, to phone in.

3D graphic stills tell the story; they may later morph into a little video. After all that, the link to James’ website is here.

Meet the cast of More Clients, More Cashflow!

Here are the various specialists and a few extra ones, from the storyboard.

The software used for this project is iClone6, Character Creator and CrazyTalk. All are available from Reallusion. It’s a great way to add individuals’ faces to animated characters. One can also make characters fatter and thinner, e.g. the receptionist and the designer have been developed from the same basic character.

The animated video should be interesting!