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Pencil & Colour

Pencil & Colour


Pencil & Colour: gritty, dramatic and emotional.


Pencil & Colour can lend itself to more serious, gritty stories.

The samples shown will bear this out. The beauty of a pencil drawing is not lost by adding colour. Kokis and a bit of pencil crayon add their own mood by means of strokes and dramatic contrast.

Sweeping or radiating pencil strokes in the background can bring movement, drama, and emotion. And all this just from the pressure or direction of the pencil. So for emotional stories, Pencil & Colour is a reliable tool. Colour adds an extra dimension, either with bright colours showing contrasting situations (shopkeeper and streetchild), or adding to the subdued mood. (AIDS orphan)

Clients whose work appears here include Cambridge University Press and Shuter & Shooter Publishers.

Other PENCIL styles: Pure Pencil, Tinted Lines, Pencil Crayon.