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Nothing to Fear

Fears come in all shapes and sizes…


Is fear useful?

In a shabby church hall, three very different people and a facilitator face their fears, use their coping mechanisms and discover common ground and ways to heal.


People’s Fears appear as reptilian creatures in this short ART-HOUSE film.

This film will resonate for audiences from many different cultures who will relate to at least some of the issues portrayed here.

The question of how useful fear is, whether it’s always justified, or whether it’s destructive in its ramifications, is left to the viewer to decide.

A few techniques and resources for dealing with fear are in the pipeline for the future. I personally deal with my own fears at a visceral level, and feel it’s important to pass on some tips to my fellow pilgrims on our way to peace, love and understanding.

I hope to also remind myself and others that everyone’s battling, so let’s be kind.


Nothing to Fear poster
The story takes place in a dilapidated church hall. PETE, facilitating a workshop entitled “Nothing to Fear’, encourages three people to face their fears, betray their coping mechanisms and discover common ground and ways to heal.

The three attendees introduce themselves, and their fears come to light when the door bangs shut. During the coffee break, the coping mechanisms come out. Outside, the Car Guard deals with his financial fears which plunge in and out of his pockets and his belly. After the break, the facilitator shares a technique for coping with fear, and when it’s all over and everyone’s left, the car-guard is revealed to be Pete’s brother, the possible connection to the plump dragon on Pete’s back.

The Fears play a supporting role in this story, (or not) and add interest when Pete is (frankly) droning on a bit. SIMON’s PTSD, caused by a robbery, has given rise to a team of six FBI-like snakes, complete with dark glasses and hyper-alertness. OLIVE’S fear of speaking in public and her fearful giggle are echoed in the actions of her Fear, a sphinx-like dragon with long claws, the source of many migraines. LOYISO’s Fears are constantly looking out for that Look coming from White people and foreign Africans fearful of local Africans, because their fear can turn to hatred.

Also in the story are three characters who pass the church hall. All could greatly benefit from attending the group but are just fine thanks, and dealing with it all themselves. After TILLY and WILLA pass by to choir practice and back again, they briefly interact with the nameless Car Guard. We also meet ANDREAS and his voluble Fears as he tries without success to bring himself to cross the road when the light goes green.