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Lots of things happen here…

BASICALLY, writing and drawing.


Sav as a cow

Moving Lines:  

is where illustration happens all day, most days, either as concept drawings, character design, story art, rotoscoping, storyboarding and animatics. By then, I like to hand the baby over to the production people. 

Making things is what drives me, whether by hand (stop-motion!) or in my mind. This becomes lines in a script or lines drawn on a screen. 

This company is still based in South Africa, but since September 2023, the work happens in Austria. 

In the end, the internet is where I’m a local, in my  studio (at) See you there!


  • As much as criticism keeps us all going that little bit further, praise keeps US ALL going. The magical thing about my clients is that we collaborate on projects and they add so much to the process. AND I GET TO BRAG… 

48 Hillside Road
Fish Hoek
7975 South Africa

T. +27 (0) 19 444 09

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