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About the Sav in…

Short version: I draw and I write.

Savyra Meyer-Lippold
Savyra Meyer-Lippold

About my work

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Phone me on +27721944409 or email me on


Hello. Briefly, have been an illustrator and general visual communicator for over 30 years; to combat boredom, I work in 21 styles

For the last ten years, stories and screenplays have also emerged.

For more about working as an illustrator, here’s an interview by Katy Cambridge who has an astounding blog for anyone interested in illustration and illustrators.

About the process|

All the graphics spring from a Wacom Cintiq drawing tablet, and it’s a very happy partnership. But pencil drawings on paper are still how it all begins, usually.

Favourite software: mainly Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere, Soundbooth, Reallusion CrazyTalk, Final Draft, and Toonboom’s Storyboard Pro.

Still learning: After Effects, Character Animator and  Animate, all by Adobe.


I like to do many different things. Right now, in 2022, there are four projects on the go (more a meander than a go, actually) excluding my illustration and animation projects:

  • Top Drawers: a drawing course in 12 modules to be taught online;
  • Visual art: digitised pencil drawings currently sold through Society6;
  • The Lendit Book is under wraps for now; not quite dead, but definitely hibernating;
  • The animation/screenwriting work is all on this site under Walkie-Talkies. 

Moving it all forward was always a challenge, till I saw a Barbara Sher video on YouTube, identifying people like me as polymaths. Though I prefer ‘omnivore’. And there are many out there. Not necessarily geniuses, but deeply fascinated by many things. Our time is now, and Ms Sher said we can do it all. To this end, one of her fans has now put up a diary system that enables people to forge ahead without having to clone themselves. 

So – here it all is, and you can pick and choose and not be confused. Nobody will need all of it but you’ll probably find your way easily. 

P.S. I have found a new truth, to do with overwhelm. Check out: Slow Multi-tasking. 


As much as criticism keeps us all going that little bit further, praise keeps US ALL going. The magical thing about my clients is that we collaborate on projects and they add so much to the process. AND I GET TO BRAG…

48 Hillside Road
Fish Hoek
7975 South Africa

T. +27 (0) 19 444 09

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