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The Isizulu Sethu Series (Grade 1)

for Shuter & Shooter Publishers 2021
These books were each illustrated in about 18 hours. It was a memorable experience.

Isizulu Sethu (Grade 2 & 3)

for Shuter & Shooter Publishers 2021

Older Work

Honey Baby

Honey Baby

Two naughty brats accidentally lock themselves in a museum store-room during a school field trip, with interesting results.

The Mermaid Who Came in on The Tide


Mermaid Pg-14

The little mermaid comes in on the
tide (A play on words: The Tide is the name of the local transit system), and meets local children on the beach.
Characters were based on local
children in Norfolk, Virginia.

America the Grateful



America the Grateful is a fun and informative book around the history, traditions and rituals of Thanksgiving – and reveals that this famous festival began in Virginia, not Plymouth as is generally believed. 

Nkoranteng, boy from Ghana

Squishy hard line style: Nkoranteng triumphs

A boy from Ghana has to adjust to life in a South African school. 
His hidden gifts bring acceptance
even from the terrifying bully.

Themba’s Day


A young boy runs an errand for his mum. On the way he finds 
distractions, obstacles and
finally – triumph.

Chicken Pox

Illustration: Stories - 'Chicken Pox' pg 7

A little boy wakes up with chicken
pox – after a week, he’s keen to rejoin his friends. But a surprise awaits.

My Children’s Act

My Children's Act cover

The Children’s Act in South Africa, for children to understand.

Most of the drawings illustrating
this book were done by children, and
then digitally manipulated.



Mandevu Means Catfish

A little girl catches a catfish and saves the picnic for her family and friends. 

Lorry’s Friends

Illustration: Stories in African languages - 'Lorry and Friends', Pg 14

Lorry and his friends help a motorbike who pays it forward, giving Tractor a
make-over, with their help.