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Wallcharts like these cheer up classrooms all year round.

The charts were commissioned to enliven classrooms and enhance the learning experience of 4-9 year-olds.

Weather charts

These show the day of the week, the date, the current weather for the day, and the season. Featured here are the English and Zulu charts. Below are the different weather conditions as well as the four seasons (for both winter and summer rainfall areas in SA).

Teachers would order either the W Cape or the Midlands weather chart. In this way, the pictured seasons, and especially that day’s weather, reflect what’s happening outside.

Birthday charts

These charts honour each child on their special day by featuring their name written large in the middle, with a birthday cake on the right according to their new age. Relevant names appear on slips of paper on the birthday months below, and these obviously change every year. 

Each month has a new animal theme, with an indication at the top right of the card indicating the season. There are six birthday cakes in the set, to show the age of the child/ren mentioned, with a suitable number of candles. 

Featured on the left are the Xhosa and Afrikaans versions.

See more details below, with birthday cakes and the birthday months.