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Honey Baby


Honey Baby is the title of a very funny book by the brilliantly nutty author Helen Brain.

Honey Baby – the title is so obscure and it makes sense only when you’ve almost finished the book. Two naughty little brats abandon a museum field trip for adventures of their own. And it all gets a little weird from then on. A few pages from the beginning and end of the book, form the slideshow.

From the publisher’s page:

Honey Baby is a story in comic form about a school field trip to a museum. Two boys (Jarred and Darren) are badly behaved and they get into trouble all the time. They manage to get themselves locked in a room and when they get hungry, they open an ancient jar and eat the honey they find inside it. They discover to their horror that this is an ancient burial jar and that there are human remains inside the honey. When they are rescued they rush outside and get ill.

Available from:  Cambridge University Press, Cape Town.
Author: Helen Brain