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A heavily disguised force for good, their real banner should be: ‘Little Wingsters – we put the ‘mess’ into ‘messenger’. With this overview, you’ll meet the Little Wingsters and their world.

Little Wingsters is a celestial courier company with four more-or-less angelic couriers bringing ideas, skills, healing and learning to children all over the world we live in. At the core of their planet, Winghaven, dwells an all-knowing presence called Moya, a playful swarm of tiny lights who listens via the planet’s earphones to the requests and yearnings of children everywhere. She has four gifted angels, each of whom has their own special ability or gift, to match the kids’ needs.

When the messages reach Moya, she forms solutions and sends off the right angel(s) to offer their gifts of help. Their directions come to them through the front of the bright red postbox and are often caught up and carried to the angels by Ignatius, messenger to the angels, and resident winged sheep. If he doesn’t absentmindedly eat the telexes, the angels can respond immediately and deal with the children’s problems. Moya sometimes thinks about releasing Ignatius from his services but he keeps the grass short and they’re all rather fond of him, grumpy as he is.

Our story starts when Coco hatches, after which the other angels show her the The Keep where they all sleep, the earphones, the bright red postbox and its functions. They take her to Moya and warn Coco about grumpy Ignatius. With her, the viewer learns more about how their instructions appear. Apart from the telex (which serves as a reminder should they forget), a short video of the child is played on the screen, detailing their situation. The angels can then locate the child by thought and are there instantaneously. Usually. Quite often, actually. Well, sometimes. Stuff happens.

In each episode, one or two of our chubby heroes will be assigned to a specific child in its situation. They communicate by thought, so they all grasp a situation instantly. This can and does lead to chaos, e.g. with Punki bringing a creative idea as requested, but Inga’s patience is needed to carry it out. Xuki, in the absence of Inga, zooms in to fix it with cleverness but that doesn’t work either – only Coco will do. Soon they’re all trying at once. Something’s gotta give, and it often does. If the four of them mess up completely, they feel the soothing presence of Moya, orchestrating things with coincidences and odd occurrences and a sparkle here and there.

The four angels

best punki badge

Hyper-creative, Punki is the artist, with ideas and inspiration for kids who are stuck for a solution. But he can be impatient and a bull in a china shop. Innocently amoral, he follows his own drum. Big on ‘using what you’ve got to get what you want’, he’s never sure whether he really likes being quite so… Unique. So every now and again he tries to fit in, and stop being such an alien.Inga circle smaller


Inga is a ‘maker’ with patience and skill built up over years. This is because stuff tends to break when Inga’s around. So she’s come to enjoy mending it or making something brand new from it. Trouble with Inga – it’s her way or the highway and she’s never wrong. And you can’t hurry Inga. So she’ll wait very kindly till the others see things her way.
Coco circle


Healer and joy-bringer, a raucous gigglebutton who finds the oddest things funny at the worst times. Still, she WILL find the bright side, always. She keeps going by eating too much when she’s tired from not sleeping enough for fear of missing out. Often, she can be found napping in odd places, her location betrayed by her giggles as she sleeps.

Xuki: Expert and logical, Xuki wants to be ‘the one who knows’, to understand everything, to have it all worked out and be prepared for anything, so the others will finally admit he’s ‘the most useful angel’. Behind his self-effacing ways and shy nature is a grim pride in knowing far more than the others. 

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