Shopping alphabetically

During the past week, I’ve been drawing a series of pictures featuring children with their parents, for Grade 1 readers. It’s a fun little story, each child buying something that begins with the same letter as their name does.

After a few thoughts about herding the children of our land into rampant consumerism, I got down and enjoyed drawing them happily shopping as if money was no object.

From one little tyke – (Bulelwa) choosing a banana, to a very happy little Quinton wanting a quad-bike, the last page shows the shoppers going home, ‘tired but happy’ as those mandatory school essays about school outings always said. I should add that in this story the kids are happy and the parents are tired…

I became conscious that life-drawing is a Good Thing and should be practised often, the more the better. Sadly it’s something I don’t allow enough time for, and it would improve my draughtsmanship hugely, not to mention saving a lot of stress and doubt about how whether that hand looks right etc.