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Simple line
Simple Line



Simple line, also known as the ‘colouring-in style’.


Choose this style if you have something complex to describe.

Accessible to the young/adult new reader or a conservative market, it is useful for its clarity. Texture, shading or highlights seldom appear, but grey or thinner lines can indicate distant objects/subjects as in the car accident image above.

Use this style for ‘how-to’ drawings, (e.g. ‘stages of spinning’). All in all, it’s a useful style and works even better with solid slabs of colour. For school workbooks, the line illustrations can be coloured in. No grey areas or shading get in the way. For very young readers, newly literate readers, or a traditional/conservative audience, it’s ideal. 

Clients here  include Shuters, Cambridge, MML, Longman Mozambique and Heinemann (now merged into Pearson), and GIZ, all involved in educational publishing or capacity building.

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