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Still under construction
Some boards are done for clients, and more recently,
some have been done for my own little short films, e.g. the
one on the right, here.

Storyboard WTGD
Illustration of Diver, wine label

Under Advertising comes anything for promotional
or packaging purposes, e.g. the wine label series from
which I took the example on the left.

Animated GIFs are simple little bundles of joy that add a bit of life to wherever they appear. Adding humour, clarity and
just a bit of fun…

Animated gif featuring David Britzius' new persona as a builder of flight simulators
Caricature of Henk
Caricatures make great and memorable gifts. Expect a lot of examples here soon.


Words, words, examples, descriptions and how and what and why and who. 
Cover for AIDS comic
As I write screenplays, I picture the characters and draw them. Sometimes the characters appear first, with little descriptions of what they’re all about, and the story/screenplay
builds from there.

Often, clients request characters for promotional or corporate ID purposes.
Many words, many words, and an image or two
will replace many words. 
Dave Britzius ebook
3d Graphics - Coffee Kiosk for Bruce Ketta

These include the Nelson Mandela Gateway at the Waterfront, and a visualisation of a portable coffee kiosk for Bruce Ketta, among other more recent work.

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